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Qt Integration with XCode projects

  • We have been using QMake to generate Xcode project files. My question is, "Is this the preferred method of Qt integration with XCode", or more specifically, "Is there any reason why we cannot simply integrate Qt directly from existing XCode project files, eliminating the need to use QMake altogether?"

  • That's one of the nicest thing with Qt is that you are not force to use one specific IDE or build system !
    One can also use CMake for instance i.o QMake (but QMake ease our life with static linking by generating automatically the library name mangling stuff). I feel QMake is a nice option for every development steps (development, debugging, testing, profiling...) unfortunately for the very last step (publishing) we need to deal with XCode to handle all of the provisionning profiles hassles...
    If you feel confortable with XCode, you can of course use XCode for most of your development i.o QtCreator but you might miss some nice stuff such as the code completion with the Qt framework, integrated Qt help...
    You might have a look to this nice presentation of Mike Krus from Kdab which I find very helpful to understand the current status of Qt on IOS.

  • @Charby thanks for the link!

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