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QT 5.6 WinRT Windows Phone HowTo

  • Hi all,
    has anyone something like an "howto" for getting a project on Windows 10 Phones? I wanted to port my application to Windows phones with the comming 5.6 and the webkit Support for winrt. But I can't get the app running on the Emulator.
    My Setup:

    • QT 5.6 beta_304
    • VisualStudio 2015 Community
    • Win10 supporting Hyper-V
      Within the the "Kits" there are those 3 (5.6 for WinRt arm, 5.6 for Windows Runtime 32, 64 Bit) but no Phone Emulator Kit like I have in 5.5.
      So I tried to setup a phone kit by my self. As a device I can choose the Windows Phone Emulator and I can choose several VS C++ Compiler. But no combination I have choosen so far works with the Emulator. I get always an error "compiled for wrong architecture".
      And I can't start the project with VS2015 because the qt-plugin for VS does not support VS2015.
      Has anyone already successfully setup 5.6 for the Windows phone?

  • Hi,

    you seem to be mixing quite a lot in terminology.

    For Windows Phone 8.1 you will need to mkspecs / versions of Qt: winphone-arm-msvc2013 for the device and winphone-x86-msvc2013 for the emulator.

    On Windows 10 Mobile the situation is a bit different, as you can use a x86 build also for the Windows 10 Mobile emulator. What you need to do after creating a project via "qmake -tp vc CONFIG+=windeployqt" is to select the Windows 10 Mobile emulator in the runtime combobox. The default is "Local Machine". You should see all other emulator options there.

    Furthermore I assume that you did install the Windows 10 Store App SDK inside the VS2015 installer? Please note, that those are not selected by default. This is a typical problem for people starting on this platform.

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