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About Qt Jambi 4.8.6 on Mac with Eclipse

  • Hi guys.
    I am new to Qt development and I have been got stuck in installation stage for a while...
    I am using Qt Jambi 4.8.6 on OSX with Eclipse.
    I have tired to do some research on it, and I found couples questions.

    1. I found that Qt don't require plugin for integrating with Eclipse so I just had to import the libraries(.jar)? but it seems didn't work for me
    2. I had tired to follow the install.html in the ZIP, but just create a UI for viewing the examples, and the "deployment document" in troll tech web page is just redirecting

    Such that I would like to ask if anyone can provide a up-to-date tutorial or some guidance? Cause i had been stuck in this stage for quite a while. Thx

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should rather contact the folks that are providing QtJambi. The original project was officially discontinued in 2009 so you will more likely get answers with them.

  • Well...I have tried to contact them but no response yet...
    I had tried to seek for other ways but none was found yet..
    In the mean time, I found that qtjambi don't have QVTKWidget...
    I need that Widget since, I am building an application using Qt and VTK.
    So if not using Jambi does the original Qt library support java development and on Mac as well?
    Cause most of the stuff I found was in C++ and the stuff that are related to java are about Jambi only....
    Really need some help right here...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well, Qt is a C++ framework in the first place so…

    Why do you need Java for ?

  • I choose to start my project by using Java, cause it was my core language and i found and "thought" all the stuff support Java. And actually I didn't plan to use Qt at the beginning....

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