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FFmpeg VS LibVLC VS Others

  • Hello,

    I am trying to create a basic media player.

    But I do not want to use the MediaPlayer from Qt5 because it relies on the codecs installed on the computer.

    I tried for several days to install FFmpeg in my Qt project without any success. I was kinda lost in that huge lib...

    Now I start to think about LibVLC and also VLC-QT.

    Which lib would you recommend ?

    I know my question is kinda vague but guys I am really lost, I tried so many thing without any results ! I have never been this frustrated coding !

    Thank you all !

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    I fooled around quickly with
    and found it pretty smooth
    It even has good samples
    with a mini player to start on.

    So my vote goes to VLC-QT but to be fair I have not tried FFmpeg.

    Why not try to download it and see how fast u can have the example running.
    Also doc seems ok and it has custom widgets to just use.

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    To add to @mrjj there's the QtAV project that proposes to interface with ffmpeg which might be easier than writing your own backend. Working with ffmpeg and Qt is completely doable though.

  • Thank you both !

    I tried to use those two librairies / project.

    I did not succeed.

    I am used to Unix development and now I am coding on a Windows computer. For the last 2 weeks I was practicing Qt on Visual Studio but I had a lot of problem with that.

    So now I use the Qt ide.

    I don't really know how to use those lib with windows, I kinda miss GCC and the terminal, so simple ! Also I have a lot of trouble trying to build binaries using CMake. Even QMake does not work for VLC-QT lib.

    Anyway I believe those libs work fine. I just need to find how use them properly on windows / Qt ide

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    What error are you getting exactly ? What have you tried ? What has failed ?

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