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Drawing QML elements over/above native Android UI

  • I have QtActivity (ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR in *.pro file), that shows Camera preview through TextureView (fullscreen mode) that handles SurfaceTexture and some Android UI. Application have android:hardwareAccelerated="true" option in AndroidManifest.xml.

    Also, I have QQuickView (fullscreen mode) in main C++ program, that shows some QML elements. But, I was surprised, when I tried to draw QQuickView over TextureView of application: there is no QML elements, I see only TextureView.

    I spent many time to find the answer, but there is no appropriate solution for drawing QML and Android together, with layering or something. Drawing QML and Android is very important for me, because some functions of QtMultimedia doesn't work (according to on Android/iOS.


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