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How to use QtXlsWriter to create/edit Excel files

  • Hello,

    i see that example to edit excel files. its written by MIT i think but i didnt understand what they explain.

    i couldn't add library to my project

    . i dont know perl but i download ActiveState Perl;

    when i write perl -v on cmd it is written

    this is Perl 5, version 20 ....

    than its written "Go to top directory of the project in a terminal and run" but i didnt understand how, where and by using what?

    that is website information

    Building the module
    Note: Perl is needed in this step
    Download the source code.
    Put the source code in any directory you like
    Go to top directory of the project in a terminal and run
        make install

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    By terminal they mean a command line: cmd.exe on Windows and any terminal emulator on UNIX/Linux.
    So, you open a command line, change to the top directory of that project (via "cd PATH_TO_PROJECT) and execute qmake then make then make install.

  • thanks for your reply, but it doesnt work i think. there is no change after i write that comments on cmd

    when i write

    cd c:\QtXlsxWriter



    it is written

    qmake is not recognized as an internal or external command
    operable program or batch file

  • You have to add the Qt/bin path to your PATH variable, or you can give the full path to qmake when typing the command.

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