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A few .user files in one .pro project

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    Is there good description of qmake/qt creator project structure?
    currently two questions:

    1. I see .user file contains individual user settings for a project in addition to common ones in .pro file. but also see (from time to time) a files like <my_project>.pro.user.<some_digits> . what is a file ? why it was created by QtC?
    2. How to crate and use more than one .user file in project folder and have an ability to select which one should be loaded?

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    1. The different version of the user file comes from the evolution of Qt Creator. When Qt Creator changes something in the .user file format, it keeps a backup of the old one in case you would like to re-open it with an older version of Qt Creator.

    2. AFAIK, you can't. The .user is usually computer specific but you can create one containing the common configuration you would like to keep/re-use across devices.

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