qmake v2.01a versus v3.0

  • My apologies in advance if this was already addressed. I am in the process of upgrading my our product line's framework from QT 4.8 to QT 5.5.1. I am noticing that qmake v3.0 does not auto-generate the INCLUDEPATH to include the directories I specify to qmake in project mode.

    For example:
    qmake -project /home/user/git/source/shared/global

    The INCLUDEPATH specified in the .pro file does not include /home/user/git/source/shared/global.

    In qmake v2.0, the INCLUDEPATH would contain /home/user/git/source/shared/global in this case.

    I was digging through the qmake manual and looking on the forums for an explanation to no avail.

    Can we somehow get this behavior restored in qmake v3.0? Or is there some other method we need to follow to properly auto-generate the INCLUDEPATH variable?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can use qmake -project INCLUDEPATH+=/home/user/git/source/shared/global

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