XML Validation against XSD

  • Hi,
    Is there some other Qt way then QXmlSchemaValidator from xmlpatterns how to check XML conforming XSD? Or I have to use external library? (currently xmllint) I'm on Qt4

    I cannot use QXmlSchemaValidator as its allocating all RAM(12GB)+swap and then failing on out of memory. It's generating permutation 11 deep inside Qt code :-/ (Shared between Qt4 and Qt5)


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    12GB of RAM?!
    How big are your XML files?
    Could be a bug in QXmlSchemaValidator.

  • @jsulm Yes it's some kind if bug in xmlpatterns, my XSD is 15kB and XML ~200kB. 11 is number of attributes in one element and 11! is a lot. That's why I'm looking for some other way, like QXml.

  • Hi,

    have you tried some XML Schema Validator online (for instance this ) to verify if your XSD is correct?

  • Yep It's valid using the online validator, it's valid in Notepad++, It's valid with xmllint.

  • looks like a bug. I suggest to open a BugReport

  • Yes it's a bug and on Qt4 it will stay so. QTBUG-12534, QTBUG-26824, QTBUG-6485 I' was trying to solve it but it's above my mental abilities :-/ But my question was, is there some other Qt way how to check XML against XSD?

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