QT menu bar not integrating into ubuntu unity title bar

  • I am writing a basic gui application in QT creator 3.5.1 and I am using QT 5.5. I have downloaded QT/QT creator via their website. I am currently running Ubuntu 15.04 64 bit.

    I am running into an issue regarding the integration of the menu bar into the title bar. The issue being that no integration is happening (the menu bar isn't appearing in the title bar) . The menu bar appears where it would have in the past, below the tile bar. Here is an image of what is happening:

    Picture of menu bar below title bar

    How can I go about resolving this issue and getting the menu bar to display in the title bar? It seems like this is seamless for other applications written before unity started to do this, so I am wondering what I am doing wrong.



    I tried another very simple windowed application. When I complied against the QT version I had installed on my system by default in /usr/lib (version 4.8.6), the integrated menu works. However, when I would compile against against the QT version I downloaded with QT creator into /opt (version 5.5.1) the integrated menu does not work.

    UPDATE 2:

    I installed qt 5.4.1 via apt-get, and qt creator. When I compile against this, my title bar integration works! So the question is, what is different? The people I am developing with are using QT 5.5.1, and I would like to use the same version as them. Is there something I can do differently this time around?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I may be wrong but I'd say Ubuntu patched Qt to integrate their custom UI. One option is to check whether there's a PPA providing Qt 5.5.1

    In any case, AFAIK, that's just a "cosmetic" difference, the behavior should be the same.

  • @SGaist I will check if such a ppa exists. Odd that it works in such a way, it seems things made with versions of different GUI frameworks that were built pre title bar integration seem to work just fine.

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    That's something to double check with the Ubuntu folks

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