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Menu Problems

  • hello friends

    Actually i am not able to contruct a menu in my App..the code i have written is like that...

    @#include "menumainwindow.h"

    menumainwindow::menumainwindow(QWidget *parent)
    : QMainWindow(parent)

    showAct = new QAction(("&Show"), this);
    connect(showAct, SIGNAL(triggered()),label1, SLOT(show()));
    hideAct = new QAction(("&Hide"), this);
    connect(hideAct, SIGNAL(triggered()),label1, SLOT(hide()));
    exitAct = new QAction(("&Exit"), this);
    connect(exitAct, SIGNAL(triggered()),qApp, SLOT(quit()));
    bar = menuBar()->addMenu("&File");

    here it will display show,hide,exit menu but i want it to show when i click the "file" anything wrong in the code..please suggest


  • remove setCentralWidget(bar), or set other central widget in your main window

  • hello cincirin

    but if i remove setcentralWidget(bar) than nothing diaplay in the simulator..

  • hi !
    First thing, sorry, I didn't realize that this is mobile forum.
    Now, if you set other central widget in your main window, other than menu bar, didn't work ?

  • i cant get it can you please me how that can be done..can you give me an example of hoe it can be done

  • @setCentralWidget(new QWidget)@

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