Problem with QProgressDialog

  • I get some problems with QProgressDialog. I'm using qt 4.8.5.

    1. How to adjust the size of the dialog to fit its contents?
      I test with code below:
    QProgressDialog* dialog = new QProgressDialog("Message", "Close", 0, 10);
    dialog->setWindowTitle("Long Long Long Long Title");
    dialog->setCancelButtonText("Long Long Long Click this button to cancel");

    The title and the cancel button text are cut. I called adjustSize(), but it didn't work.

    2.How to disable the maximum button (fixed size) on Mac?
    I'm using qt 4.8.5. On Windows I can set fixed size flag to a dialog with

    setWindowFlags(windowFlags() | Qt::MSWindowsFixedSizeDialogHint)
    Is there similar way to set fixed size dialog on Mac? I don't want to use setFixedSize() method to hard-code the dialog size. I want to disable the maximum button and make the dialog size fixed.

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    Do you have a layout set for your dialog, what does dialog()->layout() return? If you intend on using it as a modal dialog, I think you should use dialog.exec().
    I don't know whether there's a hint for mac, but as a last resort you could subclass the dialog and in a show event reimplementation call the setFixedSize() method. Disabling the button (there was some kind of a hint/attribute for that but I can't seem to find it now) doesn't necessarily mean that the dialog will be fixed size.

    Kind regards.

    Aha, I found them:
    Qt::WindowSystemMenuHint, Qt::WindowMinimizeButtonHint, Qt::WindowMaximizeButtonHint, Qt::WindowMinMaxButtonsHint and the like I believe are what you're looking for.

  • Thanks @kshegunov. These hints work on windows, but dont work on mac. And the QProgress Dialog class is provided by qt.

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    Well, the hints are just that - a hint to the underlying window manager, so if it doesn't respect/support the hints you pass it there's little you can do. As for the other question, I did mention that you can subclass it as a last resort measure. If nothing works you could, of course, make your own form and initialize a generic QDialog from it, then connect the appropriate signals for the buttons and the like (maybe this is even better than inheriting the QProgressDialog). Also as a side note, if you're using a modal dialog, there's no real point in creating it in the heap.

    Kind regards.

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