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Qt configure

  • I don't understand principle of ./configure, I execute ./configure -help, and I get a list of available modules and parameters that version of Qt supports. And for my example I have QT 4.8.6 and I have phonon module available in help, but when I do ./configure phonon, I get help output again even I added that name from the help.

    Also how can I include some module, if this above doesn't work? i need something like -L -I or something more?

    What in case I built qt without phonon, and I want to use it in my project, what are the steps to build it and include into project? Also is that way of build missing modules the same for any module?

    I have BeagleBone Black armhf target machine, Qt 4.8.6 and Ubuntu 14.04.3 host machine

    Thank you so much for your response!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Shouldn't it be ./configure -phonon

  • @jsulm Yes it works now, but can you answer on the 'What in case I built qt without phonon'?

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    I don't know, never used phonon. But I guess Qt will not work with phonon.

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    Yes it will work without phonon, you just won't have access to that API.

    If you want to enable phonon afterward, AFAIK, you have to rebuild Qt. The Qt 4 series doesn't have the modular approach that is part of Qt 5 design.

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