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Mixing QML rendering with gstreamer video on imx6 yocto

  • Hi,

    I have a qml application (qt 5.3.2) running on imx6 yocto build using eglfs.
    I am playing a video ( independent of qml application) in gstreamer 1.0 using overlay video sink.
    Now this video comes on top of qml.But i have some qml controls which i want on top of gstreamer video.
    How to bring these controls over gstreamer video?

    Also i tried to bring another transparent qml with my controls over gstreamer video.But this also is not happening and stays hidden under the gsteamer video.

    Do i need to use a different qt platform with a windowing system like wayland?
    If i am using eglfs, is it possible to achieve this?
    Is this related to gstreamer video sink?Is it required to use some gstreamer properties like "alpha" for transparency or colorkey property?

    Please help me find the solution!!



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