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Problems using QtMultimedia with QtRuby

  • Teaching myself Qt through a little application that allows one to make, save & practice flash cards. I'm trying to use some classes from the QtMultimedia module such as QAudioInput and QAudioFormat, but I keep getting a name error. The syntax for using Qt classes with ruby is slightly different, but I've managed to get every other class I've needed working. A little investigating has told me that QtMultimedia needs to be included in the make file, but none of the tutorials I've read so far deal with how to create a make file with the Qt ruby bindings or modify an existing one, or if I should even need to do something additional to include the QtMultimedia module. Any thoughts on why this wouldn't be working? Thanks

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I'd recommend asking this to the QtRuby folks directly. You will more likely find quick help there, I haven't seen much folk with experiment with this binding on this forum.

  • To avoid posting the same question twice, is there a way to move this thread to the language bindings sections? I should have looked for that in the first place.

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    Asking a mod is the usual way :)

    Done :)

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