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Chasing the wave[form]

  • So in my troubled quest for a way to generate an audio waveform graphic from within Qt, I came across this nice little C++ cmd line tool: audiowaveform. It was easy to build (on OSX – apparently Windows is harder?) and I was able to get it to run using QProcess as described in my earlier question: QProcess Argument formats.

    It is beyond my feeble C++ skill set but I am curious what it would involve to adapt this audiowaveform program to work as a library in Qt?

    Currently the program writes the data directly to disc. As a library, one would want it to return the data directly so it can be stored in some vars and used within the program, etc. And since processing the audio takes a bit of time, it would need to be threaded?

    Just guessing here.

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    In itself, it doesn't seem to be a complicated code base to create a library from. You can even dump the drawing elements to make directly e.g. QImage from the wave forms.

    Moving the processing in another will probably be needed since the decoding of the file is done directly.

  • @SGaist

    Good point about the drawing – that hadn't occurred to me.

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