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Messed Up Layout in Deployed Qt Application on Windows 10

  • When I launch my deployed application from the .exe file the layout is messed up. When I launch the app from Qt Creator, the layout is fine.

    Here are the details about how I deployed my app. I am using Qt 5.5 and MinGW 32 bit 4.9.2. I am running Windows 10.

    First in Qt Creator I built for release.

    Next, I opened the Qt 5.5 for Desktop (MinGW 4.9.2 32 bit) console.

    I navigated to my project folder and ran

    windeployqt.exe --release ./APPNAME.exe

    It copied all the necessary .dll and created some folders as expected.

    Now when I run the app, it seems to work just fine. But the layouts are all wrong. Again, when launching the app from Qt Creator it looks great! Proper spacing and sizing of my widgets. When I launch the .exe every thing is smooshed, the ratios of my sliders are all wrong, and some text is hidden because of crowding.

    What could cause this bad layout? Am I missing some dependency somehow?

  • @AKstatistics Solved my own problem. Cross posted on Stack Overflow