How to change a member of a struct in QList

  • I have a struct that has some variables, I made a QList from this struct, how can I change a struct in a given position in List?

    struct Command
         QByteArray cmd;
        quint16 retry;
        bool acked;
     QList<Command> commandsList;
    commandsList.value(cmdIndex).acked = true; /* Error: using temporary as lvalue [-fpermissive]*/
    ... = true; /*Error:assignment of member 'Command::acked' in read-only object*/
    /*I know, function at() returns const & which is not changable.*/

    How can I change a member in QList?

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    You can use the array access operator.

    Kind regards.

  • Thanks for answer, but it didn't work.

    commandsList.operator[](cmdIndex).acked = true; // Am I using it true? (Runtime error)
    commandsList[cmdIndex].acked = true;  //Runtime Error

    I am receiving <Runtime error!>

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    @kahlenberg said:
    hi that is odd.
    Can you show where you add items to commandsList ?
    as to get runtime error then cmdIndex might be higher than
    the number of items in the QList.

  • Oh sorry, cmdIndex was out of range. I am sooo sory :)

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    Well that happens to all of us :)
    Good it was something simple and not some nasty memory overrun some where else.

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