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Problem using QTDS driver on Android "cannot locate symbol "stpcpy""

  • Hi everyone in the forum, I'm writing because i'm trying to use de QTDS driver to access a sybase database from an android devices. Reading the Qt5 Documentation I found instructions of how to build the qtds plugin, so I download the freetds library and compile it with the android NDK and copy the .so files to my project under the android/libs/armeabi-v7/freetds/lib/ directory. Also I compile the pluging for android using these .so an copy the file to the QtDir/5.5/android_armv7/plugins/sqldrivers/.

    Later in the QtCreator project tag I add the library to the Build Apk Android / Additional Libraries and set the Android Build SDK to android-19.

    Now when I build the project the freetds library is in the project build directory android-build/libs/armeabi-v7a/freetds/lib/.

    But when I run the app in the phone this error occurs:

    dlopen("/data/app-lib/") failed: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "stpcpy" referenced by ""...
    Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "stpcpy" referenced by ""...

    I don't know how to include stpcpy in the project. I read on the internet that using the android SDK 19 will fix it, but it is not working.

    someone know a way to solve this?