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ios emoji unicode

  • I failed to get the emoji work on ios and hope someone could offer some suggestion.

    I store emoji's unicode, utf8, utf16, image file name in sqlite and query data by QSqlQueryModel. Since the qml add emoji like this on ios: text{text:"\uD83D\uDCA9"}, i write the following code to convert emoji's utf16 just like that format.

    @QByteArray SqlQueryModel::convertStringTest(QString qString)
    qDebug() << qString;
    QString result = qString;
    QStringList qStringList = qString.split("0x", QString::SkipEmptyParts);
    if(qStringList.size() >= 2)
    result = "\u" + qStringList[0].trimmed() + "\u" + qStringList[1];
    result = "\u" + qStringList[0];
    qDebug() << result; //the result is "\uD83D\uDCA9"

    return result;


    in qml, i call the function as:
    text: emojiListModel.convertStringTest(utf16); // the utf16's value is "0xD83D 0xDE04" with a database format of TEXT

    The it is always display "\uD83D\uDCA9" on ipad but not the emoji. Then i add console.log to print the result of emojiListModel.convertStringTest(utf16) in qml.

    @function test(utf16str)
    var str1 = utf16str; //value is "\uD83D\uDCA9"
    var str2 = "\uD83D\uDCA9";
    console.log(str1); //display string "\uD83D\uDCA9"
    console.log(str2); //display emoji

        return str1;

    I have no idea why this not work?

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