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Deploying Qt Quick Desktop Application

  • I have problems deploying Qt Quick Application (5.4) on embedded device running Ubuntu 11.04. I tested a Qt Widget and it works, but I have problem with the QtQuick Application. I resolved all (I think) libraries dependency issues:

    • I copied libicu***.so.53.1 and libQt5***.so.5 libraries from compilerDir/lib to the same folder of executable ( I renamed the ***.so.53.1 in ***.so.53 )
    • I copied from compilerDir/plugins/platforms to platforms dir in the same dir of the executable
    • I changed the default lib path of the executable using "chrpath -r $ORIGIN <executablename>
    • I copied the compilerDir/qml dir in the same dir of the executable and I created a bash:

    export QML_IMPORT_PATH='pwd'/qml
    export QML2_IMPORT_PATH='pwd'/qml
    export QT_QPA_PLATFORM_PLUGIN_PATH='pwd'/platforms

    Then to start application:

    With these operations I solved some problems:

    • QXcbConnection: Could not connect to Display. Aborted
    • QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component: qrc:/main.qml:1 module QtQuick is not installed ...............

    Now the application starts, and immediately crash with Segmentation Fault.

    I have problems solving this error.