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Graphics Glitch Qt 5.3.2 Yocto

  • I'm running qt provided examples on IMX6 with Qt 5.3.2 installed from Yocto. I'm facing graphics related issues as given below:

    1. Any widget based application under qt5/examples/widgets/ have the mouse cursor appear for 2 seconds and disappear but had the cursor blinking while it is processing/drawing.
    2. Any qml based application under qt5/examples/quick/ also worked the same as above.
    3. Run any QML example and touch anywhere other than buttons or check box (in empty area on the form) and the black rectangular graphics glitch would appear anywhere on the screen for 2-3 seconds and disappears.
    4. Glitches when drop down box is clicked.
    5. qt5/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog and qt5/examples/quick/embeddedingwidgets shows glitch, works once and then the application freezes.

    Has anyone faced similar issue ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    --Narayanan K