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MakeFile, remove "if not exist" check when subdirs is used

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know how to remove check for MakeFile if not exist when TEMPLATE = subdirs is used?

    I want to always create MakeFile files, with QMake. Because when i change configuration (for example to x64), tool see older MakeFiles (x86) and don't make new, for x64.
    So I need to delete all previous MakeFile.

    I want to tell somehow to force creating MakeFile always, not to check if exist.

    sub-Static-pro-make_first-ordered: FORCE
    ( if not exist Makefile.Static $(QMAKE) D:\*************\AcfPublic\Acf\Build\QMake\ -spec D:/********/QtLibraries/qtbase/mkspecs/win32-msvc2013 -o Makefile.Static ) && $(MAKE) -f Makefile.Static

  • I make something with change makefile name, to Makefile.x86.Debug ....

    But now I get error:
    "The specified makefile could not be found ...."

    "The immediate benefit of using make is that it recompiles only the files that have changed or are affected by any changes, rather than blindly recompiling every source file every time. Figure 1.1 shows the steps involved in building a Qt application."
    Obviously gmake does not see change x64<->x86

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    How are you currently handling that change of architecture ? Also, what are you using to build your project ? Qt Creator ? The command line ?

  • Hi,

    Before I was make changes, handling changes of architecture is done buy deleting old Makefile files and *.obj.

    Now I was fixed that. Make two Output folders for x86 and x64 build. Inside both of them are Debug and Release, and also I was move obj files inside of new folders.

    Initial solution is not good, because output folders are mixed with source folders. Now you only need to delete these Output folders and start a new fresh build, if you want. No need to search through 39 projects (in my case) and delete Makefile, debug/release, .....

    Also you can start all four configuration (my case), x86/x64 and Debug/Release, without mixing Makefile and *.obj files.

    All was done with qmake variables, but documentation is not realy good :)
    There was many attempts and failurs, until I get out key answer :)

    PS: build is done by cmd scripts, no Creator used in this case.

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