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How to use/configure qt mobility

  • Hi,
    I have got the following project from qt home.

    This project uses qt mobility APIs, while compiling it doesn't give any errors but when tried to launch in emulator it gives errors as "dlls" related to qt mobilitity are missing.

    I have the latest -QT- Qt sdk 1.1 and qt mobility APIs are in place.
    can you please help how i need to configure my pc to use qt mobility APIs

  • You can see the installation guide in the mobility's source code folder. Refer to installation.html under doc/html

  • Hi,
    I went through the installation guide which says, " i need to download qt mobility " project , build and then configure.
    but since I installed qt 1.1 , I already have all these components, I need to just set the right path and configure it.
    Can you please tell me how this can be done.


  • Hi Vijay, what do you mean by "but since I installed qt 1.1 , I already have all these components". I remember the SDK doesn't have Qt Mobility's source code.

    Anyway, check the folder "QtSDK\Simulator" to see if you have one in the right place. Also "QtSDK\Simulator\QtMobility\mingw\lib" to check the dlls.


  • Hi Chuck,
    Thanks a lot for your reply, yes as you say, there is no Qt Mobility’s source code.

    What i have is this.

    1. @ path "C:\QtSDK\Simulator\QtMobility\mingw"
      I have 3 folders, bin, include, and lib

    2. folder "bin" has " some exe files"

    3. folder "include" has " qt module folders, inside which there are header files"

    4. LIB folder has " dlls of all the modules and perl files "..

    With this in background I have following questions.

    1. Why qt mobility apps just won't pick these dlls.

    2. I created a simple app to use qt mobility api's specifically "Sensor" module.

    3. in pro file i added include path as " INCLUDEPATH += C:\QtSDK\Simulator\QtMobility\mingw\include\QtSensors" and in header file " #include <qsensor.h> "

    4. In cpp file intelligence show me qtsensor class automatically, when i tried to write below statement.
      QSensor* sn = new QSensor(NULL);

    5. but after compiling i get an error saying " Qsensor was not declared in this scope", why is this error when header file is included successfully.

    I know surely I'm missing something, could you please tell me what is it.

    Also as you have said in your previous post " I need to build qt mobility ", can you please tell me what steps to be followed, and from where qt mobility source code can be downloaded.

    Thanks in advance , hoping for a positive reply.


  • Hi Vijay, i think there is something you miss and using wrong
    There is no need to include the path, you can just do:
    and, in the header file, include the related sensor's header

  • Hi,
    Thanks to all, I could configure and run qt mobility.


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