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make command takes a long time

  • When I come to step to run make command to build qt tools and libraries, it starts to build all but without the end. All libraries are important, and I don't want to throw any. What to do?

  • @Zola

    You can pass make command line options to use more processor cores for compilation. On linux the option is "-j4" if you want to use 4 cores.

  • @t3685 But if one core is given to my Virtual Machine, how can I give 4 cores?

  • @Zola

    It looks like you are trying to build Qt tools and Qt libs on your own. If you cannot use the prebuilt libraries and tools, you have no other choice than building them on your own.

    If you have only one core available, there is nothing to be done than waiting.

    Either review again, if you need to build the tools an Qt libs or if a prebuild is sufficient. Typically only for special cases your own build is required.

  • @koahnig is it possible to install some qt libraries after qt is configured and installed?

  • @Zola
    You should be able to update your Qt installation anytime. If you have forgotten a prt to install you can add that lateron.
    If you require modify/tailor some of the libraries with special settings for your needs, this might be possible, but probably depends.
    If the settings you are using are in contradiction to what is used for prebuild, you are in trouble.

    You really have special needs and think it requires a recompilation, you should post specific questions. Presumably someone may be able to answer them.

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