Why doesn't QT accept the Shading and the Lightning Features of OpenGL?

  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to create an Object in QT with OpenGL. I found a code that's in OpenGL and it works fine, it has Lighting sources, Shading and the object.

    The Interesting thing is that, in the C++ code that I downloaded, the program works perfectly, the Object appears with a shiny material, the shading works perfect and the light source also.

    I took and copy the code into a QT project, it is the same except I didn't add the Keyboard handling, because I don't need them. And in the QT project, the object is WHITE. No shading, no light nothing!

    Here are the pictures of the QT project and the original OpenGL project:

    Original Project - Image

    QT Project - Image

    I am new in QT and I really don't understand why the code isn't working ?

    Does anybody have any idea why it isn't working?

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    Hi , Im no expert on opengl but I think the old code used stuff from fixed pipeline times
    and qt expects shaders as its modern opengl.

    If you look at

    they use
    glVertexAttribPointer and other moden constructs.

    But its just a guess.

  • @mrjj , can you please explain to me which are these "fixed pipeline times"... because I really can't understand what should I do with the link that you sent me :(

    I checked these glVertexAttribPointer, but what should I do with them?

    I am new in QT and in OpenGL, sorry for not understanding you

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    Sorry for not being clear.
    I think the sample uses old opengl calls for lighting and textures.

    The old way is called fixed pipeline. And new is called modern/programmable pipeline.

    Most (older) samples use the fixed style and it just don't work nowadays.

    please read

    For good info to learn opengl (modern)

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