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QML building for IMx-6

  • Hi,

    I need to build the Qt in such a way that it should run the Qml applications also the device that i am using is IMx-6 with 1Gb ram and the device has support of X11 and Open-GL and the kernel version that we are using is 3.0.1.Can any body please guide me by posting the procedure to build the Qt that allows me to run the Qml application on our device.

    Thanks in advance,

  • if nobody has a short guide for you, looking at the yocto/poky tool chain with layers qt(5) , poky, meta-oe and fsl might be an option. There you will find recipes which build qt and the everywhere demo. But it will not be easy to dig through all the steps and dependencies until you will find the necessary parameters.

    You could begin with an image that deploys a qt demo (maybe the everywhere demo) to see which libraries of qt are necessary. Then look at how a certain qtlib (e.g., qtbase) is being built (options, paths to drivers, setting x11 as dm, ...)

    BR, Schakal

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