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Hiding the QDialog appearing in the windows taskbar

  • I have an application which basically shows two dialog boxes,a dialog with black background this acts as a backdrop, and the other with a normal form for the user to use and do his activities and move on to other dialogs.
    Now the problem is since there are two dialogs, there are two different tabs shown on the taskbar, can we hide the tab for the black background dialog.
    The reason the black background dialog is there is because my application consists of many dialogs and when a user goes from one dialog to another the the desktop screen was visibile momentarily my client doesnt want the desktop screen to be shown at all, hence I had to put in the black background dialog which acts like a cover screen or a modal screen when the application is between any two dialogs, the black background dialogs acts like a cover.
    But now, since the cover problem is solved I need a way to make this black background dialog invisible to the end user but still be there when the application is between dialogs.
    Any suggestions?

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    Do you really need dialogs ? You could also implement your logic using e.g. a QStackedWidget + some buttons and keep everything in your "main widget".

    On a side note, sounds a bit like a QWizard, no ?

  • @SGaist but if I use StackWidget wont I have to put all my application code in one file or rather add the entire functionality of all the stacked widgets in one file, wont that make the code a bit unmanageable, I am fairly new to Qt please do correct me if I am wrong :)

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    No you don't (and you shouldn't at all). Each widget is an independent entity that you can have in its own set of files.

  • @SGaist is there any book or article which demonstrates what would be an ideal pattern of coding in Qt, it would be of great help.Thank you

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    There are several good books that you can read. A list of them can be found here

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