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Qt5 using msvc 2008 compiler

  • I am trying to setup Qt5 to use MSVC 2008 compiler. So what I have done so far is:

    1. Install MS Visual Studio 2008
    2. Install Qt5 (with Qt creator), I used auto detect qt installer from the qt downloads page.
    3. Attempting to setup Qt creator kit for MSVC 2008 compiler:
    • Qt has auto detected my compiler: MS c++ Compiler 9.0(x86)
    • Tried to make a Qt version, but the qmake paths are only for C:\Qt\5.5\msvc2012\bin and C:\Qt\5.5\msvc2010\bin.

    So it looks like I need a specific qmake setup for MSVC 2008 c++ compiler. I don't know how I can get this, can I just use the MSVC compiler?... any ideas?

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    There's no pre-built Qt 5 package for MSVC2008. You're only option if you want to stay with that old version of Visual Studio is to build Qt yourself

  • Hi SGaist,

    Yes, unfortunately I need to for some legacy reasons. So I have built Qt before to statically build qt on linux. But I don't really understand how I can build it for MSVC 2008 compiler?

    So on linux I used the native gcc (32-bit) compiler to compile qt using the make. What's the deal for windows?, do I just use the msvc 2008 compiler? using nmake? - are there any instructions on how to do such a thing?


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    Open a developer console and from there you can call configure.exe like you would on linux and then you can either use nmake or jom (you can find it in Qt Creator's folder)

  • @SGaist I might be being slow here.... but I am not sure what you mean by developer console. Are you referring to the windows command prompt? And then I assume its something like:

    cd <qt path>
    configure.exe <parameter list>


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    Take a look in Windows start menu in the VS2005 directory, there must be "Developer Console". It is the Windows command prompt with some environment preparation.

  • ah, ok cool thanks I will try that (but for 2008 : )

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