Qt Creator 64 bit don't Run application

  • Hello! My problem is that Qt creator 64 quiting with error message after succesfull compilation of my project, BUT when i'm running my project from 32 Creator everything works fine. I have 0 suggestions why is this happening.Thanks in advance!

  • alright, i've defined the problem, may be this will help, the following snippet
    QSqlRelationalTableModel *model1 = new QSqlRelationalTableModel(table, connectionWidget->currentDatabase());
    makes this, if i remove it 64 bit Creator will able to succesfully run my project.

    What is that mean?

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    What is the error message?

  • I've solved this, the problem was is just i declader pointer but didnt allocate memory and tried to evoke some method from that pointer,Thanks for attention!

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