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Another Mouse Event in QGraphicsObject question

  • I've seen this asked many times on these forums, but the solutions presented do not solve my problem, and I do not know why.

    I have derived a class from QGraphicsObject and I can successfully receive sceneEvents. I would like to know when the user is moving the mouse (similar to hover) with a mouse button held. I expected mouseMoveEvent to capture this, but it is never entered. My class accepts hover events and the QGraphicsView sets mouse tracking. I had it working before I introduced an event filter (which I have now commented out) into the QMainWindow that contains the viewport,


  • Well, I cannot find a solution as to why the mouse event isn't propagating or triggering. I've implemented an eventFilter, and can get what I need that way.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you show your item's implementation ?

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