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FakeVim setting to move past end/beginning of line (l or j)

  • I have just started using Qt creator again and I am a vim user, so I am using Fakevim. I noticed with the default fakevim setting the l and j cursor movement (or the left right arrows) do not move past the end or beginning of a line. If I take the editor out of fakevim mode then the left right arrow keys will move past the end of a line to the beginning of the next line.

    Is there a setting that will allow the l and j key to move past the end of line or beginning of line?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, These keys follow the vi behavior, so it's the right behavior. If you want to modify that, you can try to create a new vimrc file with the remap of j and h the way you want them.

    Hope it helps

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