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Android QML do not display Buttons

  • Hi,

    I am new to QT.
    I have install QT creator 3.4.2 based on Qt 5.5.0. I have also install Android SDK and NDK development tools.
    My issue is when I run Qt minibrowser program from QT Examples, Its run well but do not show the tool bar buttons,I Also try to create button in QML language but it do not display (white block instead of buttons).
    Also my Welcome mode is blank.
    Please can anyone help me to solve this issue.

  • Does the "Widget Gallery" example run fine with your current setup? Testing against the examples may help to nail down the problem.

  • Hi dynamo72,

    Thank you for your reply, it was of great help.
    Widget gallery examples are working, QT web view example(minibrowser) is also running, its open website but it yet does not show toolbar and buttons.

    I m trying to create web view on android using QT web view.
    Is there any other functionality I can use to create the same? Can you guide me a little through the same?

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