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Qt Gui update from TCL Intepreter

  • I have a QT GUI , and I have TCL application that executes the command and updates the database . The QT GUI calls the TCL command , by entering appropriate command in one of command windows of QT GUI . The command is window is derived from QLineEdit. When the command is entered on this command window , then a slot is called to execute the TCL command

    I have a window of another window of inherited from QGraphicsView. I have a TCL command place_object that changes the coordinates of the items in database of the items displayed in QGraphicsView

    Now when the command entered on command window is executed successfully the QGraphicsView gets updated/repainted automatically I cannot see any code of update called specially QGraphicsView

    I am unable to get how does QGraphicsView gets updated/repainted automatically Need help to understand how does QGraphicsView gets updated automatically

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    If you modify any item form your scene, this will trigger a request to update the said scene. You don't have to do anything special.

  • Also does QT GUI update internally involves the thread

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    The main thread AKA the GUI thread, like for any application

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