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Platform independent 3D rendering

  • Hi,

    I want to render a 3D terrain. The terrains is built of polygons (triangles or quads) and a texture is applied to this grid.
    Is there a platform independent way doing this with Qml? With platform independent I mean that it runs on devices which do not have OpenGL, such as for instance WinRT (using Angle). Or is the only solution to render this platform specific (e.g. one OpenGL and one DirectX implementation)?


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    QML is already platform independent.

    Qt3D comes to mind for that kind of task.

  • Thanks for your answer.

    Qt3D works only on some OpenGL platforms. Maybe Qt Canvas 3D is an option which I will check.

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    There's a Qt Canvas 3D module in Qt 5.5 that provides WebGL-like interface to hardware accelerated 3D. It is layered on top of existing Qt's OpenGL support.
    As for non-QML stuff, on WinRT Qt uses ANGLE, so if you stick to functions provided by Qt (e.g. QOpenGLFunctions) and not try to talk to the driver directly it should work just fine cross-platform.