QString - Removing non-alphanumeric chars

  • I am using this function to remove non-alphanumeric from a QString. I use this function before saving to a file on the OS, I need this since theses char are not permitted by the OS for a filename.

    With this function (code under), The compiler is giving me warning that I would like to fix:
    warning: C4129: '[' : unrecognized character escape sequence
    warning: C4129: ']' : unrecognized character escape sequence

    Or maybe there is a function like this that already exists in QString or QFile?
    Thank you!

    QString Util::cleanQString(QString toClean) {  
        QString toReturn = toClean;
        return toReturn;

  • @maximus You don't directly escape the "[" and "]", so "\[", not "\\[". The pattern string you want to use is "[-`~!@#$%^&*()_—+=|:;<>«»,.?/{}\'\"\[\]\\\]".

  • Thanks you, that fixed the error.
    QRegex are always like writting chinese to me

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    If I may, you should change for QRegularExpression (the regexp itself doesn't change). It has better performances.

    To help you build your regex, there's the regex example that you can use that provides a good starting point to write them.

    For QRegularExpression, you need to get the 5.6 sources to get the equivalent helper program.

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