Qprocess not returning the correct state()

  • Hi,

    I'm using pyqt5.
    My code:
    self.myprocess = QProcess()
    print self.myprocess.state()

    When I ps -aux I see the process has been launched and is working but when I call the state() method it returns 0.
    When the process start I get a "1" but after I get a 0.
    Several other process is launched correctly with this technics and I get "2" in the state.
    what can I do to debug this issue ?
    Thanks for help.

  • Qt Champions 2018

    Did you try to use absolute path to the ps command?
    Like: "/bin/ps -aux"

  • @jsulm Hmm I'm not trying to launch ps... I launch /usr/bin/asterisk. I do the ps in a terminal just to check if the process has been created and is running.

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