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OpenVG rendering problem on WinCE with StyleSheet

  • Hi. We have a problem and are not sure if this is a bug in Qt or in the OpenVG implementation of our WinCE board (i.MX357 based board). I have built Qt 4.7.0 for WinCE with OpenVG support. I can run the star example on our board and our software is working (the paint engine says that the engine type is OpenVG) with OpenVG support.

    The problem is that all of the widgets are rendered bad. The StyleSheet stuff is not painted correctly and most of the Widgets are only gray. The rendered fonts are distorted. If I start the app without OpenVG support everything looks perfect.

    Are there any known issues about problems with OpenVG and Qt StyleSheet (maybe in combination with WinCE).

  • OpenVG works fine with stylesheets on Symbian^3 devices. Perhaps you are using OpenVG 1.0 instead of 1.1 and that is causing some problems? I'm not sure we have done much testing on 1.0.

    Is the problem specific to stylesheets? If so, perhaps you could use QML instead. It is far more efficient for custom UI's than using QWidget + stylesheets.

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