QStackwidget Multiple pages Issue[SOLVED]

  • I have added 7 pages into a stackwidget. However, it always crashes when it gets to the last page (The program closes). It works fine with 6 pages and I read that I can have as many pages as I would like. I also tested if the last page was giving me problems but I tested it by commenting out _page5 and it works.

    _stackedWidget = new QStackedWidget;

    Page7 gets called through the signal and slots function by:

    void MainWindow::goToPage7()

    I have Qt Creator 3.0.1 Based on Qt 5.2.1 (GCC 4.8.2, 64 bit)
    I was wondering if it is a bug and if so to what version should I upgrade it to.

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    Are you sure _page7 is properly allocated ?

    What does a run through the debugger tell you ?

  • @SGaist It tells me it ended unexpectedly
    I am sure it is because when I comment out one of the _stackedWidget->addWidget(_page5); it works. It is just when I add more than 6 pages that it crashes.

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    For test.
    If you do it in Designer in a new fresh project.
    Just Add QStackedWidget to Mainwindow.ui
    and right click it to add pages.
    Does it crash when more than 7 there also?

  • @mrjj That was my first option when I was creating the stackwidget. However, I wanted to go from one page to another and when I clicked the button nothing would happen but when I wrote it in code it worked fine.

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    Ok, that was odd as a stacked widget on UI and
    button where you call void setCurrentIndex(int index)

    should work just fine.

    But the important part.
    Did it crash when adding more that 7 pages that way?

  • @mrjj yes it does.

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    Ok !?!
    it crashes if you - in a blank new project,
    just right click and add more than 7 pages?

  • @mrjj Oh no. I meant it crashes if I used void setCurrentIndex(int index) instead of setCurrentWidget(_page7);
    It wouldn't crash but it wouldn't allow me to go to the next page since clicking the button wouldn't do anything.

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    ok.so you had a bug. i guess.
    try this sample
    it can go back and forth.

  • @mrjj I tried running it but nothing happens. The option to build is grayed out.
    and also all the pages that I am adding onto the stackwidget are classes I created so I am not sure it that also created an issue when I tried doing it through .ui

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    oh, go to Projects (left side icons) and adjust build path to
    somewhere that exists or set it if none.

    Well the stacked controls QWidgets so its ok its your own I think.

  • @mrjj It tells me that 'File 'sevenstacked.pro' has modification time 2.9e+0.4 s in the future' and it just hangs

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    Pretty strange.

    just delete it and make a new .pro file and put this in it
    just a default one.

    # Project created by QtCreator 2015-10-18T21:53:24
    QT       += core gui
    greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets
    TARGET = sevenstacked
    TEMPLATE = app
    SOURCES += main.cpp\
    HEADERS  += mainwindow.h
    FORMS    += mainwindow.ui

  • @mrjj haha it gave me like 27 errors

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    Ehh. ok.
    Not sure what is going on.

    Make new default project and then copy mainwindow.cpp/h and mainwindow.ui
    to it ?

    Anyway, was just a stacked widget with 10 pages and 2 buttons to go forth and back between the pages.

    void MainWindow::on_pushButton_11_released() {
      int cur = ui->stackedWidget->currentIndex() + 1;
      ui->label->setText( QString::number(cur) );
    void MainWindow::on_pushButton_12_released() {
      int cur = ui->stackedWidget->currentIndex() - 1;
      ui->label->setText( QString::number(cur) );

  • @mrjj Ok so yes it does work that way. Do you have any idea why wouldn't work through the code I wrote?

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    :) super
    Well, I cant see how you create _page1 - _page7
    you must have XX * _page1 = new XX; somewhere.
    and it might crash if you use setCurrentWidget for deallocated
    object or something like that.

    Also using setCurrentWidget, that widget must already be inserted into stacked.

    Most of the time I just insert pages in UI as it is far easier.
    You can even add dynamic also, if needed.

  • @mrjj wouldn't it be page7 that could be deallocated? I have been looking at my code like 50 times and I still can't find the error. I set the pages on the UI and page7 still doesn't work :(

  • @marlenet15 Ok So I commented out 90% of the code and page7 works! So now I have to uncomment section by section to figure out what is making page 7 crash.

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    well its hard to guess when I cant see all code.

    Do you do

    QWidget *page7 = new QWidget()

    when you create them ?
    or now you insert them into the stacked in the UI ?

  • @mrjj I inserted it now on the UI. I figured it out! I had another class where I had an array of QStrings which contains the titles for each page. I had an array of size 6 because I had only focused on the 6 pages I created. However, when I created the 7th page it would crash because the index 6 didn't exist since the array goes from 0-5. Thank you so much for your help!!!

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    oh good found :)
    Nasty one.

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