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5.3.1 qtwebkit Tabbed browser has openssl errors on mac

  • I am reposting this because In the other posts I confused the webengine tab browser with the qtwebkit tab browser in my experiments. I'm using a project that uses qtwebkit 5.3.1, and it is not working on certain sites. If I can learn how to fix the problem on the tab browser example maybe I can fix the problem in the project.

    OPENSSL Errors Qtwebkit 5.3.1 tab browser example. I get openssl errors on the first page

    The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found
    The root CA certificate is not trusted for this purpose

    google analytics
    root certificate is not trusted.

    On every other page I go to I get untrusted openssl errors.

    I have openssl on my mac. I also tried on another mac and get the same errors.

    Can someone help me troubleshoot a way to get rid of the openssl errors and still have the site function correctly.

    Is the problem that the browser cannot see openssl?
    Or did not build with openssl?
    Or does not have the correct version of openssl?