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Map and location based application

  • Dear all

    Our project is to develop an C++ based application software that will be able to do the followings:

    1. Display the street map from map service provider (e.g. open street map) Is the OpenStreetMap plugin working for this or I need to write a map viewer using the API?
    2. Get a location from the map (e.g. click at a geolocation or give a place name) and calculate a route to the destination point (May use our own routing engine given the start and end location from the map)
    3. Draw the route line back onto the map (just like the navigation apps we are using nowadays on our smart phone)

    Now I am looking into the Qt5.5 Location module. The document says for Maps and Navigation, currently it is not possible to interact with maps data via C++. So should I have to do QML API together with C++ API? Appreciate if any one could give me some advice on whether or not am on the right track using Location module for this project. Thanks.