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convert project from qtwebkit to qtwebengine

  • I am working with a project called uwebkit that was built with qtwebkit 5.3.1
    The project provides a browser for unity3d. The project seems to be almost an exact duplicate of the tabbed browser example wrapped up to use as a plugin for unity. I have the source code for the project and have done a build before from source -- I have the instructions from the original author on how to do that.

    What would be involved in converting this project to QTWebEngine?

    I have only beginnner knowledge of c++ and qt and am primarily a unity3d programmer.
    Is there any chance of me upgrading this project to the newer QTWebEngine by myself, by swapping code examples --seeing as uwebkit is almost an exact port of one of the examples?

    If the chances are low how would I go about finding someone to do rebuild the project?

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    If it's really just the tabbed browser rewrapped, you should take a look at the examples coming with QtWebEngine and see if the "wrapping" includes things not/not yet supported by the module. But otherwise, from your description I don't see this as something particularly insurmountable.

  • I would be interested in helping with this. What did you decide?

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