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omp with mac

  • Hi everyone,

    we work with qt 5.5 on qtcreator on mac 10.9 with clang 3.5

    we need compile our software with omp programming.
    same source code on windows with omp is very fast respect without

    we would use the same service for the same code on mac.
    we have compiled the code on mac with clang-omp but we haven't found improvements.

    could you explain the procedure to add omp service on mac?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I haven't used OpenMP yet on OS X but:

    • Are you sure you are using your custom compiler ?
    • Did you check that your application is currently loading the corresponding OpenMP libraries ?

  • Hi,

    yes we added omp library and the include omp.h in the source code
    the code in the same of windows
    the problem is that qtcreator compiles with the xcode's compiler(clang without omp)

    if i create a kit with another compiler in qtcreator,i't's use always xcode's compiler

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I haven't tested it but I'd go with a new mkspec (based on the OS X clang) rather than trying to change the compiler in Qt Creator

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