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Embedding custom QWidgets inside a QTextEdit

  • Hi, I'm working on the QtConsole and I've searched wide and high to a solution to this problem, and came up empty handed.
    This feature is of a really high importance to me, and I've wasted many hours on finding a solution to it, the closest I've got is QTextObject - but with no real-life examples and pretty shaky API I don't have an idea how to approach the implementation.

    Can anyone point me to the right direction? Is it even possible?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you have a design like the Kate Editor in mind, the console is outside the editing widget which seems to be the best design.

    If not, what do you have in mind ?

  • @SGaist Hi SGaist, I'm working on the QtConsole, which is a "Qt-based console for working with Jupyter(IPython) kernels".
    It's emulating a console with a QTextEdit widget, which works really well - but I would like to embed custom QWidgets inside the console, which means inside the QTextEdit widget.

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    What kind of widget would you like to embed ?

  • I left it open(QWidget) as I'm looking for a generic solution, but if an example can help - my first priority is a QTableView and QTreeView(think about visualizing the results of ls or os.listdir with a widget).

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    For the table part, you should be able to do that directly with QTextEdit with help of html or the QTextDocument API.

    Otherwise you might have to use a layout + multiple QTextEdit/QWidget in a QScrollArea.

    Another alternative might be the Graphics View framework

  • Thanks @SGaist, I wasn't aware of QTextTable, which seems as a reasonable solution(but still we'll have to implement the sort and search which comes for free with the QTableView).

    About multiple QTextEdit/QWidgets in a QScrollArea, besides being a bit frustrating that it's the best solution, it's actually the closest I've seen, so thank you very much!

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    One alternative might be to implement a QAbstractTextDocumentLayout

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