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QtCreator project settings problem

  • Hi everyone!

    I have a question about Qt Creator project settings. I have a two PC one at home and second in the office. When I work at home on project I'm configuring settings for my home PC and push it to GIT repo. When I update project from GIT in office the settings of my project is lost. All kits what I set and all build configuration is lost. What I can do to fix this strange problem? Thanks for the help!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    It's not a problem per se, your project configuration matches what you have on your machine and they might not be valid for another one. In any case, you can have a set of common things in a my_project.pro.shared file that you have to create from your my_project.pro.user file. More about it here

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I tried the shared file but it's don't help me. I think the problem is that I have a different structure of folder in office PC. I will try fix this another way.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Depending on what you want to keep between all PCs then you indeed need to use a similar setup.

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