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Android Configurations warning: Qt versions for 5 architectures are missing.

  • A) Qt Creator's Android Configurations screen (on Win7) displays warning message: "Qt versions for 5 architectures are missing. To add the Qt versions, select Options > Build & Run > Qt Versions."

    B) Built & Run Qt Versions displays Auto-detected Name of Qt 5.5.0 MinGw 32bit at the proper path.


    1. Is that warning message a predictor of further complications?

    2. If so, what is the remedy to eliminate it?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you install the tools to develop for Android ? i.e. the SDK and the NDK ?

  • I'm having the same problem! I have for sure installed the SDK NDK and ANT which is a bin not an exe. Anyway I'm trying to make an android app and this is very frustrating. Where do I download the appropriate qmake files to fix this? How do I see what architectures exactly are missing? Can I make my own qmake files?

    EDIT: I did a clean install of QT and Java and Android (Terrible wasted many hours of my life) and seem to find that for each old version of QT I install I get less architecture conflicts. My harddrive is not big enough to have 100+ GB of old versions of QT, but I reduced it to three conflicts by installing back to 5.4.1 and latest versions. 30GB total, I now have many other problems however.

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    The missing architectures is just a warning. If you need one of them, install the corresponding compiler from the Android package manager. Other than that, it's a warning you can ignore if you don't build for them.

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