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QToolButton and QMainWindow::setIconSize()

  • Using Windows 7 and Qt 5.5
    QMainWindow::setIconSize() will only update a QToolButton on a QToolBar to around 32x32 px.
    However, if I restart the program, then the icons will be the desired size.

    QMainWindow::setIconSize() doesn't seem to affect a QToolButton in a QDockWidget.
    QToolButton::setIconSize() works...
    but it would be nice if everything was updated via QMainWindow::setIconSize(), without needing a restart.

    Am I missing anything?

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    When are you calling these functions ?

  • @SGaist The icon size is saved via QSettings in a QDialog called from a QMainWindow subclass. After the dialog is closed, QMainWindow::setIconSize() is called.