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Android 5 fail to convet QQuickItem to QImage

  • Hi,

    I want to convert QQuickItem(Videooutput) to QImage, it works on Android 4.4, but when I tried it on Android 5(Samsung Galaxy s6), Videooutput works, but when I want to screen it prints "W/GLConsumer( 7947): [unnamed-7947-0] bindTextureImage: clearing GL error: 0x502"

    VideoOutput {
    id: videoOutput

        width: 400
        height: 400
        source: camera
        focus: true
        autoOrientation: true
        MouseArea {
            anchors.fill: parent
            onClicked: {
    ImageHandler {
        id: imageHandler


    QImage ImageHandler::makeScreenSync(QQuickItem *videoOutput)
    QImage iresult = videoOutput->window()->grabWindow();
    return iresult;