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create desktop shortcut on fedora and rhel using Qt Installer Framework.

  • I have created a desktop shortcut in ubuntu and works fine using this . Now I am trying to create desktop shortcut on rhel and fedora using Qt Installer Framework using these lines.

    [Desktop Entry]

    The shortcut is successfully created on desktop in rhel and fedora but when trying to run the app_name.desktop from terminal it gives

    app_name.desktop: line 1: [Desktop Entry]: command not found 

    I cant figure it why . is these any other method to create desktop shortcut ?
    I have just added following lines in my installscript.qs

    component.addOperation("CreateDesktopEntry", "@HomeDir@/Desktop/App_name.desktop", "Type=Application\nName=App_name\nExec=@TargetDir@/App_name\nIcon=@TargetDir@/App_name.ico\nTerminal=False")