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  • I have ListView. In the Delegate I have painted fillrect at particular index once or twice as needed. I wanted help in how do I create widget i.e QLabel for every rect differently. Please advice.

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    Something's not clear here, are you using widgets or Qt Quick ?

  • Hi,
    I am using Widgets.I need to put three different widgets in single index in listview

  • Hi,

    In general you have to reimplement createEditor() and setEditorData on the delegate to create a Widget.

    Could you show your code ?

  • for(int i = 0;i<m_numberOfSlots;i++)
    int sheetCountPerSlot =;

            for (int var = 0; var < sheetCountPerSlot; var++)
                const_cast<QRect&>(r)= QRect(x,y,width,height);
                const_cast<QString&>(m_numberText) = QString::number(i)+"-"+QString::number(var);
                x= x+width +10;

    In the above code I am painting rect at same index many times which i want.
    So when in create editor I want render each rect to be Widget say (QLabel) so if there are 3 rects then when i click create editor is called so the clicked one should be QLabel. Please advice.

  • Are you using the paint() method?

    In that case IMO is better to use createEditor()

  • Yes I am using paint method

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